Less victims


With the use of the 1-2-3 Technique aid workers can save valuable time in attending to potential victims.


Clear Communication


The 1-2-3 Technique improves communication between aid workers. For example, by changing the position of the REFRA Controller, aid workers can communicate to otheraid workers that there is a fire.


A lot of confidence


With the use of the REFRA Controller a blind trust is build amongst aid workers. Therefore aid workers are more confident, resulting in quicker and safer aid.


Improved ventilation


In response to a command from the fire commander to ventilate the area the REFRA Controller is moved to the hinge side of a door. This allows greater ventilation and the prevention of the door slamming closed. And what is the most importent that we can provide a backdraft or a flashover!


Less damage


Working with the REFRA Controller in combination with the REFRA 1-2-3 Technique, possible damage can be significantly reduced as a result of:
- Faster investigation, faster response
- Faster investigation, faster saving time
- Better ventilation, less smoke damage
- Safer exit, less danger