The clamp that saves lives in rescue- and aid situations

A hazardous situation for an aid worker is where, during a time of an emergency, the entrance door to a building slams closed.
Valuable minutes or seconds can be lost!!

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Vital seconds!!

A fire fighter, REné de Laat, and a police officer, FRAnk Meeuwsen, solved this problem by inventing a small device called the REFRA Controller. The controller is a C-shaped door jam from a special durable plastic that can withstand considerable impact. It can be placed over almost all doors en prevents the door from closing. When used during a building search the 1-2-3 Technique will standardise communication and lead to safer investigation and quicker aid.


Position 1 = Safe route in or out.
Position 2 = Behind this door is a hazard.
Position 3 = Room has been investigated and closed


The clamp is not only a great help in rescue- and aid situations, it can also be very useful and offer a lot of extra safety in many other cases.