REFRA Controller

The REFRA Controller from ‘Total Safety’ is a unique aid in a variety of emergency situations. It is a compact, C-shaped synthetic cylinder, which aid workers can easily attach to a door. Doors will stay open and the REFRA Controller also offers other possibilities, for instance the 1-2-3 techniek.
The name REFRA is a combination of the 2 developers first names. REnè and FRAnk and Controller is inferred of 'controlling the door'.

A number of magazines have made mention of the REFRA Controller and its added value has been recognised by many. In addition the REFRA Controller has been honoured with the  “Good Industrial Design Award” in 1999. To date, tens of thousands of REFRA Controllers are used worldwide by a range of industries and aid workers.

This drawning shows the unpretentious principle for using the REFRA Controller. Preventing the closing and/or locking a door (36-50mm). In cooperation with the 1-2-3 techniek the REFRA Controller offers many advanges. This not only because of its compact shape, low weight of low investment cost.